Preconstruction Planning

Preconstruction Process


We believe it is important to establish ourselves as an integral part of your team very early in the process. And the reasons are simple. We’ve had the opportunity to learn from every project we’ve been involved in, and we work with both client and the design team to leverage the full benefit of our expertise.

One obvious example: our preconstruction goal is not limited to simply defining project parameters such as cost and schedule. While this is an important step, of even greater importance is our ability to help identify and actively plan for construction issues that may place the budget and schedule objectives at risk.

The preconstruction phase allows us to thoroughly evaluate a number of factors – and to provide the following expertise to benefit your project:

  • Preconstruction Phase Management

  • Cost Budgeting

  • Cost Estimating

  • Value Analysis and Management

  • Constructability Analysis

  • Existing Conditions Analysis

  • Building Information Modeling

  • Virtual Design Collaboration

  • Schedule Development

  • Disruption Avoidance Planning

  • SWMBE/HUB Participation

  • LEED/Sustainability Management

  • Bidding and Bid Packaging

  • Site Logistics Planning

  • Construction Buyout

  • Construction Phase Sequencing

  • Multiple Bid Package Planning

  • Real-Time Cost Feedback

  • Total Cost of Ownership Analysis

At award, our Preconstruction Team fully engages at all levels to evaluate and plan a comprehensive and successful execution of the project. This team includes a Director of Preconstruction, Chief Estimator, Project Lead Estimator, Senior Project Manager, and Project Manager. They participate in the kickoff of the project and the implementation planning effort. The resulting plan is then presented to the Owner and Design teams for fine-tuning and buy-in. The execution plan provides the team with an agreed-upon schedule, budget, and sequence of services and deliverables for each team member to understand and commit to.


Who We Rely On (As Much As Ourselves).


In contracting work, success really does depend on relationships. And none are more critical than those with subcontractors. We count on them to represent us and to carry out work to meet or exceed each owner’s expectations. While fine craftsmanship, construction skills and technical qualifications are essential, so are reliability, integrity, energy, stability and sound judgment. So once trust and respect are established, it’s not surprising that our relationships with subcontractors often go on for years. Even decades.


How We Get The Job Done.

Construction Process


Once preconstruction yields a comprehensive plan, we move into execution phase: actual construction. Our team of seasoned professionals provides a complete package of construction services to every project, regardless of delivery method. This package includes:

  1. Project Coordination and Management of Subcontractors

  2. Scheduling and Phasing

  3. Site Logistics

  4. Safety Services

  5. BIM and LEED Services

  6. Project Close-Out & Commissioning

  7. Post Construction Services

At B Genco, our project management philosophy has always been one of collaboration. Our highest priority is building a quality working relationship with each client and delivering every project with the highest level of skill, integrity and responsibility. That’s why we assure that each project is continually overseen by a full team of quality industry professionals – and reviewed monthly by both the project team and Executive staff to ensure that the project is tracking with the budget and schedule.

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As Founder & General Manager of the company, Michael Brempos is responsible for formulating short-term and long-term goals, as well as company policies, in order to achieve overall corporate objectives. During his 21-year career in commercial construction internationally, Michael has adhered to and deepened the same high quality business ethics on which his father built his firm in Europe some 40 years ago. He is active in each project, and his strong leadership and management skills have been key factors in the firm’s continued success. In addition, Michael is an International Registered Architect for 21 years (Int'l Assoc. AIA.), actively involved in many business and community organizations. 



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