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The 20-story hotel and residential complex is situated 6 miles from JFK international airport.
This 105,000 sq. ft. tower consists of 84 hotel guest rooms, 38 apartment units, commercial
space, and backyard with 33 valet parking.  The design challenge was to include various
programs in a complex zoning restricted urban space.

The project  completed in 2016



The name William B. Tabler Architects (WBTA) is synonymous with hotel planning and design around the world. The firm’s historical roots date back to 1946 when William B. Tabler Sr. wrote his famous “Rules of Thumb”, an architectural guide for hotels that set the standard for design in the hospitality industry; and for the expansion of the Sheraton, Hilton, Marriott, Intercontinental and Stouffer chains, all William B. Tabler Architects clients.

WBTA is a full service architectural firm with a depth of experience in planning, programming, feasibility studies, preparation of construction documents and construction administration. 

Today, 400 hotels later, in a far more complex environment for hotel developers, owners and managers, WBTA continues to forge new standards in designing luxury, convention and resorts hotels that are models of comfort, efficiency and profit.

In the past decade, WBTA has diversified its portfolio and developed an expertise in the design of large office buildings, retail malls and schools, both in Metropolitan New York City and internationally. 




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